4 tips for a great logo design

A brand’s visual identity is very important. It’s the first impression of a company and has a great impact on the purchasing decisions. Designing a unique logo is thus crucial for a company. Here are some tips for designing a great logo.

1. Be unique

A logo can differentiate a brand from its competitors. So, your logo must stand out from the rest. Copying someone else’s design is unwise. That way, people will not recognize your brand; they will confuse it with other brands. You should try to come up with something out of the box.

2. Understand the brand

A logo is the image of a company. It introduces the brand. You should keep in mind the specific audience you want to reach when designing your logo. You can research other visual brands to get some inspiration. The logo must be meaningful; that is, there must be a story. It must go back to brand ideology.

3. Importance of color

Bright and bold colors can grab a customer’s attention, but mild tones can give a sense of sophistication. Each color has a different implication. Choose a color of the logo carefully so that it doesn’t convey a wrong message. You should know that each color represents something unique. For example, orange means friendly and youthful; yellow is a sign of optimism; green means growth; blue indicates professionalism, black is powerful and white is pure.

4. Logotype

A logo has a symbol and a wordmark. If your company has a unique name, you can use it as a logotype. But if it has a generic name, you should use a symbol to identify it. You should choose a font carefully in case of a logotype.

It is always better to keep logos simple so that it’s easy to remember. There are online resources available to help you. You must use those wisely.