6 amazing premium WordPress themes for your supplement company’s site

If you have a supplement company and want to create a blog of your company, then there are many premium WordPress themes available to choose from. In a blog, both the content and visual appearance are important. The WordPress themes have great designs with high standards and details. The recent trend is to keep the website simple and focus more on the content. So, most of the premium WordPress themes for supplements that are available are simple. But they are aesthetically pleasing and professional. The themes let you have full control over the site. You can manage your site using the various features that are incorporated in the themes. Here are some great premium WordPress themes for your supplement company’s site.

NutroDite – Nutrition Supplements WordPress Theme


This theme is appropriate for supplement distributors and health product suppliers. The site is responsive. The site can be full customized. Different color options are available. Using this theme, you can showcase all your supplements. You can increase the products revenue and enhance brand awareness using this theme. Using this theme, you can collect the email addresses of the customers easily using the lead generating plugin. This is a wonderful way to promote your product, especially for medical supplement reviews sites. You can give a detailed description of your product services. There is a gallery page where you can display all your products. There is a blog area which you can use to provide tips regarding different supplement, sharing opinions, etc. This blog area can be used to create interest in your project. There is an inbuilt contact page through which the prospective customers can contact you. They can also ask queries related to your products. You can have a custom logo for your site. The site contains stylish social icons to share your page on the social networking sites. The theme has a very simple interface.

BodyCare WordPress Theme


This store is ideal for health and nutrition stores. Using this theme, you can take orders online. It is easy to customize the site. Using this site, you can sell your health supplements and other health products. It has e-commerce functionality and gives you the opportunity to showcase and sell your products. You can also easily manage the orders that are placed using the integrated WooCommerce. The front page is categorized making it easy for you to display different supplements in an organized manner. You can include services like diet training, home delivery options, etc. There is a gallery page where you can display all your products at once. You can make good use of the blog section and share important information and news regarding supplements. The site is fully responsive.

NutroLife – Nutrition Store WordPress Theme


This theme provides advanced listing search. It as inbuilt lead capture option, payment integration, business location map, reviews and ratings, and other features. This site is ideal if you are looking forward to expanding your nutritional product business or supplement business online. You can easily showcase your products. Various suppliers can submit their listings of nutrition supplements. The geolocation option will help you to connect with the user’s location. Users can contact the supplier using the contact form. There are options for displaying banner ads. You can share your thoughts on supplements in the blog section.

Diet & Nutrition Health Center-Wordpress Theme


It is a modern responsive site suitable for businesses in the nutrition, diet, supplements, and health sector. It has a modern design. There is a custom slider on the home page. Social media buttons are included. There are options for displaying banner ads on the header section of the site. There is a blog page to support your website.

Origano WordPress Theme


It has four main features: simple design, clean fonts, perfect SEO, and social engagement. The theme has everything needed for a successful site. It is an e-commerce ready site so that you can use it for your supplement store.

Healthy Farm WordPress Theme


It is a very clean and trendy site with flexible design. There are six homepage layouts from which you can choose. You have options for menu styles and blog styles as well. It is a great site for displaying and selling your supplements.

All these WordPress themes offer plenty of options to customize your site according to your business needs. So, choose one of these themes to set up a professional site for your business.


5 reasons why good website design is important

If your website looks old, you should take measures to give it a facelift. A new website design can generate new business. Studies have shown that a good website can get you better customer traffic and improve your user interface. It attracts customers. Here are five major reasons for investing in a good website.


The navigation of a website can make your customer stay in your page or get away from it. The website you create must be easy to navigate. The various pages must be differentiable. Good navigation means customers will easily find whatever they need.

Brand consistency

You must have your logo on your website as well. The customer should be able to identify your brand. You should put the same logo on the site that you use in your print materials like brochures and business cards.

Reading patterns

It is important to place the most important information on the upper left-hand column. You only have few seconds to impress your visitor. The visitor must quickly know what you have to offer to them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your content must be good and search engine optimized. Don’t make your content too cluttered that it’s hard to read. You should use the right keywords in your content. The keyword should be in the heads and subheads as well. Optimization will help your website to be on top of search engine results.

Try to include images and videos in your site to make it attractive. Update the contents of your website regularly to attract more visitors to your website.


4 tips for a great logo design

A brand’s visual identity is very important. It’s the first impression of a company and has a great impact on the purchasing decisions. Designing a unique logo is thus crucial for a company. Here are some tips for designing a great logo.

1. Be unique

A logo can differentiate a brand from its competitors. So, your logo must stand out from the rest. Copying someone else’s design is unwise. That way, people will not recognize your brand; they will confuse it with other brands. You should try to come up with something out of the box.

2. Understand the brand

A logo is the image of a company. It introduces the brand. You should keep in mind the specific audience you want to reach when designing your logo. You can research other visual brands to get some inspiration. The logo must be meaningful; that is, there must be a story. It must go back to brand ideology.

3. Importance of color

Bright and bold colors can grab a customer’s attention, but mild tones can give a sense of sophistication. Each color has a different implication. Choose a color of the logo carefully so that it doesn’t convey a wrong message. You should know that each color represents something unique. For example, orange means friendly and youthful; yellow is a sign of optimism; green means growth; blue indicates professionalism, black is powerful and white is pure.

4. Logotype

A logo has a symbol and a wordmark. If your company has a unique name, you can use it as a logotype. But if it has a generic name, you should use a symbol to identify it. You should choose a font carefully in case of a logotype.

It is always better to keep logos simple so that it’s easy to remember. There are online resources available to help you. You must use those wisely.